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Health and Care

Health and Care

School of Health

February 2024 Advanced clinical Skills in Tongue Tie (Ankyloglossia) Management




This highly specialised course will enable you to demonstrate to employers and potential employers your knowledge relevant to working in lactation, breastfeeding support and frenulotomy services. The two study days will give you a deeper insight into the underpinning theory of ankyloglossia and frenulotomy.


The Online study day 1st February 2024 

£175 - If student attends online only. 

£575 - Student attending the full course and arranging their own clinical placement.


Participants will still need to apply & complete a DBS


StartEndPlaces LeftCourse Fee 
Online only
01/02/202302/02/20240£175.00[Read More]
Full Course with Own Placement
01/02/202402/02/20240£575.00[Read More]
Sports Science Lab Testing

Sports Science Lab Testing


Blood lactate and HR measurements to identify suitable training zones. Oxygen uptake measurement to establish running economy. The Maximal Exercise Test will provide you with information on key submaximal and maximal physiological markers, including assessments of lactate thresholds, submaximal oxygen uptake and maximum aerobic capacity (VO2max).  Lactate threshold assessment will highlight current areas of physiological strengths and weaknesses.  Through this assessment, training zones are established to enable you to plan training more effectively and ensure training is specific to you as an individual.  In addition, lactate threshold profiles are also very useful in monitoring your progression over time and VO2max is an important indicator of aerobic fitness. This assessment would involve you running/cycling/rowing (depending on your specific sport) at increasing intensities until exhaustion.  Fingertip blood samples are taken to measure blood lactate along with continuous measurement of oxygen uptake and heart rate.  After your assessment you will be provided with a written report.  Once you have purchased the assessment, a pre-questionnaire will be emailed to you. 

StartEndPlaces LeftCourse Fee 
Lactate Threshold and Maximal Exercise Test
25/01/202201/12/20260£150.00[Read More]
Lactate Threshold and Maximal Exercise Test - £250.00
25/01/202201/12/20260£250.00[Read More]
Environment Chamber – Initial Consultation / Trial Session -
25/01/202201/12/20260£60.00[Read More]
Environment Chamber – 5 session package
25/01/202201/12/20260£250.00[Read More]
Environment Chamber – 10 session
25/01/202201/12/20260£450.00[Read More]
Resting Metabolic Rate
01/08/202201/01/20260£60.00[Read More]